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What are the treatment options for women over 45?

The chances for pregnancy using your own eggs, when over 45, are so low that we do not believe it is in your best interest to proceed with treatment, however, you may be an ideal candidate for oocyte donation. Based on years of research on age and fertility, it is very clear that the impact of age is on the oocyte (egg) and not so much on the uterus. Your ability to carry a pregnancy is unaffected by age up to perhaps the late 40s and early 50s. Of course we need to evaluate your uterine response and more importantly to assure pregnancy is safe for you and your baby. Testing about your cardiovascular system and your general health conditions are integral part of the preparation prior to IVF donor oocyte. Oocyte donation allows women over the age of 45 to experience the entire process of pregnancy, the bonding that occurs with pregnancy, the ability to breast feed and the potential to share the pregnancy with your partner.